Preventing Failures Before They Happen: IoT for HD Video Encoders

Predictive maintenance — it’s a buzzword that’s been making its rounds on the internet over the past few years when talking about new technologies. There are cars with predictive maintenance systems, factories with predictive maintenance networks, and public transportation nexuses that utilize this technology for less downtime. But what is it?

Predictive maintenance is very much what it sounds like. With the integration of Internet of Things (IoT), a cloud connectivity platform and machine learning system, technologies can auto-predict when they are or will be in need of maintenance. In essence, they recognize that they may experience malfunction before it actually happens.

How Does IoT Predictive Maintenance Work?

By connecting devices to a cloud network that interacts fluidly between the sensors on the technology and their remote maintenance indicators, users can receive a report from the technology itself that identifies a problem or soon-to-be malfunction.

The Benefits of Predictive Maintenance

Because the technology can notify users before maintenance is truly required, users can provide maintenance to limit or eliminate downtime and ensure that their equipment doesn’t break down suddenly.

Our IoT-Integrated Technologies

We sell HD video encoders that come equipped with VividEdgeIoT Predict for predictive maintenance. These systems utilize the power of this artificial intelligence technology to prevent:

  • System failures
  • Loss of service in the field
  • Improve overall customer experience

One of the massive benefits of predictive maintenance technologies is that they happen in the background of broadcasting and other procedures. Because they happen automatically and without prompting, users need not take time out of their day to perform maintenance procedures and ensure that their MPEG-2 encoding procedures are being carried out as they should be.

In addition to this revolutionary technology, our team offers 24/7 technical support for the life of the products you purchase. That means that if your VividEdgeIoT Predict experiences malfunction, we can remotely implement solutions or ship you a new encoder depending upon the state and level of maintenance required to get your telecommunications equipment in working order.

To learn more about IoT and predictive maintenance for your telecommunications products, visit our page on predictive maintenance. Questions? Call us today at 1(888) 412-0124 for a free estimate.