Channel Insertion, Encoding and Media Distribution Products

VividEdge series offers variety of versatile and feature rich families of encoders for contribution, transport for PEG channels, Local Origination and Broadcast content. 

MDU local edge insertion encoders for HFC, Fiber Deep, RfOG, rPHY, PON and Internet OTT systems.

VividEdge encoders and stream directors allow local channel insertion for Internet OTT tv systems.

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VividEdge RSD1000 intelligent stream direction systems can be used to direct proper digital signage to departments within a campus, direct targeted weather forecasts to specific locations, or to schedule content workflows that originate from different physical locations around the globe.

The ELLVIS9000 Media Distribution gateways provide a way to use the Internet to transport content from one point to multiple points. It is a good replacement for dedicated fiber, Satellite segment transport and Microwave Links.

For cable TV operators ELLVIS9000 offers very cost-effective way to transport PEG and Local Origination content, negating the need for dedicated fiber.

Video Encoders and Gateways

Radiant’s video streaming solutions include reliable American made encoders, gateways and element managers making it easy to stream video from any source to any device on any system.

  • OTT Internet TV
  • HFC
  • Fiber Deep and rPhy
  • PON and GPON
  • MDU Inhouse channel
  • Hospital Inhouse channels
  • Campus Local channels
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Internet Streaming
  • Backup Link over Internet
  • Global Worldwide Distribution
  • Broadcast and PEG channels

Device management and automation

Radiant Element Manager supports all Radiant encoders and gateways and provides: