VividLink VB136
3G/HD/SD SDI and ASI Over Fiber


  • Up to 3G HD-SDI, SDI or DVB-ASI automatic detection
  • Converts HD/SDI, SDI or ASI video to fiber
  • Cost effective solution for fiber transport of digital signals
  • Re-clocking mode with auto detection between 143 Mbps, 270 Mbps, 1.483 or 1.485 Gbps and 3Gbps
  • Automatically bypasses re-clocker when signal doesn’t lock
  • Transmission distances up to 120km

VividLink VB136 transports 3G SDI (SMPTE 424), HD-SDI (SMPTE 292), SDI (SMPTE 259) or DVB-ASI over fiber optic cable.

The unit can be built with three variations, transmitter, receiver or transceiver for two way connections. The standard rackmount unit can be configured with an SFP (LC) or other connectors. While the card cage and stand alone module offer an OC48 SFP pluggable LC connection.

The unit offers automatic detection of the input signal from 143 Mbps, 270 Mbps, 1.483 Gbps, 1.485 Gbps and 3G. If the signal does not lock the device will automatically bypass the re-clocker. Automatic cable equalization for up to 100 meters with Belden 1694A at 3G and 1.485 Gbps or 300 meters for signals with 270 Mbps.

Like most Radiant products the VB136 can be packaged in a standard 1RU rackmount, a stand alone module/can or housed in the CR200 card cage. In addition -48 power or redundant power supplies are available.


Serial Video Input

Data rate 143 Mbps to 3Gbps
Signal Level 800 mV peak to peak +/- 10%
Return Loss >15 dB
Connector BNC – 75 Ohm
Status Indicators
Front Panel Power, Optical Link, Signal Detect, HD IN/OUT
Onboard Lock IN/OUT and Laser status

Optical Output

Wavelength 1310nm, 1550nm, 1310/1550nm, CWDM, DWDM
Number of Fibers 1
Distance Up to 120km

Environmental and Power

Power 15W @ 90 to 240V AC
Operational Temp 0° to 70° C
Storage Temp -40° to 85° C
Humidity  0-95% non-condensing
Size  17.0″ W x 13.0D x 1.75″ H

Ordering Information

VB136-T/-XYZ SD/HDI over Fiber Singlemode Transmitter ​
VB136-R/-XYZ SD/HDI over Fiber Singlemode Receiver
VB136-T/R-XY6 SD/HDI over Fiber Singlemode Transceiver ​


  • Specify X—packaging of the unit: U—1U rack mount, M—modular (standalone) mount
  • Specify Y—connector type: A—SC/APC, E—SC
  • Specify Z— 3=1310 nm, 5=1550 nm, C = CWDM and D = DWDM
  • For higher optical budgets and distances, CWDM and DWDM systems, contact factory
  • Due to product enhancements, specifications are subject to change with