HMXL Series
FTTH PON MDU Indoor Fiber Optic Wall Patch Panels


  • 48/96 Parking ports
  • Covered rear entry slot for air blown fiber
  •  Lockable
  • Hook and loop fastener management panels
  • Heavy duty 16 awg steel patch panel with multi step paint processing

VividEdge HMXL Series indoor fiber optic patch panel is sized to handle specialized FO cable stowage, splicing, passive configuration & FO passive stowage. The ample size of the unit allows stowage of much cable or ducting as well as 5 single LGX cartridges, 48 SC/APC or 96 LCAPC parking ports and 12 fiber splice tray.

The patch panel has 8 each 1.5″ holes on the top & bottom to easily route FO cables &/or air blow duct into the panel.

FTTH PON MDU Indoor Fiber Optic Wall Patch Panels

Dimensions – 18″ wide x 6″ deep x 33 height.

Weight – 44 lbs.

Fiber splice tray – clear anodized aluminum with 12 fiber capacity in the tray. One included in each HMXL unit.

Optional Connector styles – SC, SCAPC, LC, LCAPC connector styles available. LC & LCAPC adaptors will be in an “SC footprint adaptor.”

Optional PLC cartridge styles – Unit can hold five single LGX format cartridges. Please see the build matrix in back for more details.

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