Remote Monitoring from Radiant Communications Corporation offers the first flexible and cost-effective remote monitoring solution of your entire channel lineup over the internet or your existing local area network.

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The VividCore Series Remote Monitoring Systems enable monitoring the user experience of remote unmanned hubs, UHF translators and repeaters, and satellite delivered services.

RM1100 Series of enterprise encoder probes allow the operator to capture audio and video and control STB remotely over IP network. The available REST API allows the RM1100 probes to be accessed by user designed cloud applications.

RM8000 systems can control, manage, and capture streams from population of RM1100 remote probes. It offers a variety of workflows for on demand, time scheduled or event-based captures.

RM1100 Series

The RM1121 can monitor up to four CATV boxes at remote hubs with multiple channel lineups. The RM1121 includes up to four IR blasters plus four video inputs.

RM1106 is a place-shifting TV streaming media device that allows multiple users to view and control their cable set top or DVR boxes at home from a remote internet connected PC. Customers can also connect other video sources like, network players, CCTV, DVD and Blu-ray players to the RM1106.

Rm1121 comes with PCVision software for Windows PCs, mobile applications for Android and enterprise grade batch configuration tools.


PCVision available as software or cloud-based service uses logical grouping scheme that defines locations and available settop boxes. The system allows for online administration and configuration or VividCore Monitoring devices, multi-viewer and easy to use virtual IR remote control for accessing settop box controls.