General FAQs

Remote Video Monitoring FAQ’s/General

Answer: Yes— SD & HD.  Also, PC Vision software can view 9 screens at once.

Answer: With Radiant’s “Rest API”, your own tools become a true Enterprise product which can manage and reset field units.

Answer: Yes, with Radiant’s RM8000 Server (one for every 20 RVM’s), you can schedule and record EAS announcements remotely to fulfill your FCC requirement without deploying anyone..

Video Insertion FAQ’s/ General

Answer:  Yes—SD & HD

Answer: Radiant’s Video Insertion Encoder is a “Cookie Cutter” product for every Video Insertion architecture— such as HFC, RPHY, Backhaul over Fiber or SRT/Internet, or PON. 

Applications include Church, Theater, CCTV Cameras, Events of the Day, Board Meetings, and Employee Updates.  Also, Live Video is extremely Low Latency.

Public/Education/Government (PEGs) Video

Answer: Wide range of Closed Caption Standards and the ability to Transcode.

    SRT output for royalty-free reliable Internet Transport.

     Easy to set up.

     Free phone support. 

Streaming Video Gateways (ELLVIS)

Answer:  Encrypted Low Latency Video Internet Streaming.

Answer:  Flexible, Scalable Broadcast Video Gateway for Secure Low Latency Video Transport across different IP networks including Internet.
ELLVIS also does stream replication and Protocol Conversion (DASH, HLS, RTMP, UDP, and SRT).

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