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Video Transport Solutions

High-Speed Communication Solutions

In today’s fast-paced digital world, reliable, cutting-edge communication plays a key role in many facets of companies, institutions, networks, facilities, and firms. That is why it is important to have cost-effective, high-speed communication solutions from a reliable company like Radiant Communications Corporation. In business since 1985, we are proud to design and manufacture audio and video equipment suitable for all of your high-speed communication needs solutions. You can find audio and video transmission solutions for sale online on our website, as well as other products such as:

Those who are searching to buy equipment online for transmitting baseband videos will also find the devices they need at Radiant Communications Corporation. Our high-quality video encoders and other products for sale online provide cost-effective high-speed communication solutions for many organizations, and, with planned IoT predictive maintenance programs we help ensure your equipment is never offline.

For over three decades, Radiant Communications Corporation has made it possible for a myriad of organizations to transmit audio and video signals globally. Our clients range from cable and broadcast TV networks to telecommunications firms that come to us for multimedia content delivery and technical support. We have also proudly designed and implemented audio and video high-speed communications solutions for military and government entities.

We invest ourselves in bringing the highest level of technological development to our customers, which is why we manufacture top-of-the-line equipment for businesses and organizations across the world. At Radiant Communications Corporation, we constantly research and develop new and improved products, such as our internet video streaming devices, so that our customers will always have the greatest and latest communications advantage. Our unwavering commitment to customer support means that when you choose a Radiant Communications Corporation HD video encoder or fiber optic cable, you have access to consistent professional technical support and advice.

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Top-of-the-Line High-Speed Communication Solutions

Our V4500 series is available as either high-definition or multi-channel models. With either of these solutions, you can effectively stream baseband videos over your internet network. This device also allows you to multicast to an endless number of network locations. We also manufacture our QRF-5000 Series QAM Tuners, which encode and transmit digital cable channels. No matter what you need in order to meet day-to-day communication requirements and challenges, we have the audio and video solution for you. Browse our series of baseband video encoders for sale online to determine which one best fits your organization’s needs, and buy directly from our website.

Our V4530 Series is merely one of the dozens of other excellent Radiant Communications Corporation products. Whether you’re looking online to buy devices for internet video streaming, patch panels, or fiber optic repeaters, Radiant Communications Corporation has the audio and video products that you need, including fiber media converters and baseband video transmission products you can easily shop online.


Serial Digital Interface – this is a family of digital video interfaces that are used for broadcast-grade video, transmitting uncompressed, unencrypted digital video signals (including the option of embedded audio and timecode). We have multiple products that can provide for you the highest and most advanced level of transmission for your communications. We want to help you find your solution while enhancing your equipment.


At Radiant Communications Corporation, our products are capable of transmitting the AC3 audio format without losing any quality. You want to keep your audio up to par with top-of-the-line technologies! By perusing our products, you will be able to find what you’re looking for.

To buy baseband video encoding products online, explore the Radiant Communications Corporation website or call 1(888) 412-0124.

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