• Low Insertion Loss
  • High Port Isolation
  • Low Return Loss
  • Various Packaging Options
  • Environmentally Stable
  • Optional Test and Express Ports

Radiant Communications Corporation offers a fine line of high quality Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing Devices for the multiplexing & demultiplexing of singlemode CWDM wavelengths.

VividEdge CWDM modules are available as standard cartridge, mini cartridge, single width LGX style cartridge, 1RU rack mount and outdoor dome splice enclosures. Other custom options are available. All popular adaptor styles are available. Optional TX & RX Test Ports and Express Port (1260-1635nm) are available .


Serial Video Input

Operating Channel Wavelength 1271~1611nm
Express Port Wavelengths 1260-1635nm
Channel Number 8
Channel Spacing 20nm
Pass Band@-0.5dB cw+/-6.5nm
CWDM 8 Channel Insertion Loss ≤3.5dbm
Express to Com Insertion loss ≤2.9dbm
CWDM Adjacent Channel ≥30dbbm
CWDM Non-Adjacent Channel ≥45dbm
1310nm Upgrade Channel Isolation ≥40dbm
Com to TSP port Insertion Loss ≤20.4dbm
Return Loss ≥45dbm
Directivity ≥50dbm
PDL ≤0.15dbm
PMD ≤0.15 PS
Power Handling 300 mW
Operation Temperature -40 – 85 C
Operation Humidity 5 – 95%RH
Tensile Strength >5N
Dimensions (mini), mm 70 x 45 x 8.9
Dimensions (standard), mm 96 x 78 x 8
Dimensions (LGX), mm 156 x 101 x 28.3
Wavelength, nm 1310 1470 1490 1510 1530 1550 1570 1590 1610
Fiber Loss, db/km 0.35 0.32 0.29 0.28 0.26 0.25 0.26 0.27 0.28

Ordering Information

CWDM– XX YYYY – ZZZ – C Fiber Optic CWDM Module

Specify XX for number of channels: (2, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 16)

Specify YYYY for optional ports: M2- -20db Test ports, EX – DWDM expansion port 1260-1635nm, M2EX – test and expansion ports

Specify ZZZ for packaging: U -1U rackmount , RC – standard package, MRC – mini package, LG – LGX package, SE2 – Outdoor dome enclosure mounted w/ two mini CWDM passive filters, SE – Outdoor dome enclosure mounted w/ one mini CWDM passive filter

Specify C for connector type: A – SC/APC, E – SC, F – LC, G – LC/APC


  1. Specify wavelengths needed separately.
  2. For CWDM with custom structure (custom insertion loss) that equalizes transmission
    distance at all wavelengths, contact factory.
  3. Custom packaging is available, contact factory.
  4. Special lower loss units are also available for critical applications.