Radiant QRF-5000-MFX: PON/RFoG Encoding Solution

In recent years, the telecommunications industry has been revolutionized through the versatile applications of fiber optic technology which have streamlined digital communications across the country. What this spells for local providers and businesses is the need to adapt to the audio and visual requirements of consumers.

No matter if your business is utilizing a passive optical network (PON) or relies on radio frequencies over glass (RFoG) to provide local media, Radiant Communications Corporation has a reliable, cost-effective encoding solution to bring high-quality content to your viewers.

Rather than searching to find an encoder which is specifically-designed for PON or RFoG transmissions, Radiant’s state-of-the-art QFR-5000-MFX Series encoder has been skillfully-crafted to accommodate both fiber to the home (FTTH) setups and deliver crystal clear content directly to the homes of customers. As a courtesy to our customers, our experts at Radiant Communications Corporation are standing by to provide 24/7 support for our products.   

QRF-5000-MFX Series Advantages

  • Multiple Applications — Multiple Node QAM over fiber insertion for RFoG and FTTx.
  • User Friendly Setup & Use — Compatible with existing systems, simply plug-and-play.
  • All-in-One Encoding Solution — No additional equipment or setup costs required!
  • Minimal Power Consumption — Increased energy efficiency for reduced utility costs.

Product Features

  • Easy-to-understand graphical interface
  • Dolby Digital 2.0 Audio for crystal clear sound
  • ITU Laser Output with 40kms SBS suppression
  • Complies with both MPEG-2 & QBA
  • Receives continual firmware upgrades at no additional costs  

RCC Fiber: Technology You Can Trust

As one of the leading global providers of fiber optic encoding devices, Radiant Communications Corporation strives to further our research on applications of fiber optic technologies, particularly in the field of local telecommunications.

Whether your business operates with limited bandwidth and you need to buy a h.264 encoder online or your organization’s telecommunication needs require RFoG or PON encoders, RCC Fiber has earned a reputation for providing our customers around the globe with high-quality, low-cost encoding solutions that are both safe and seamlessly integrated into any system currently in place.

Business owners in search of h.264 encoders for sale online or any of our other encoding/decoding solutions can give us a call today at 888-412-0124 to learn more.