Why You Should Switch to Fiber Technology

If you’ve been on the lookout for an SD encoder, mpeg2 HD encoder, or any other piece of equipment that can provide your business operation with faster, better, and more reliable communication and closed-circuit audio and video capabilities, then you have probably already encountered the term “fiber network” in your search. Fiber optic technology utilizes thin plastic or glass “fibers” throughout the product to receive and transport data, with fiber cables typically encased in a glass or Plexiglass covering for an extra layer of protection. If you’ve been considering a replacement for your current AV system with a model that makes use of fiber optic cables, there are myriad benefits to enjoy. Some of the advantages of fiber technology include:


  • Higher bandwidth cables. Fiber cables possess the advantage of being able to transmit significantly more data than traditional copper cables. This results in a network that utilizes fewer cables overall while still retaining — and even improving upon — the clarity and quality of standard copper cable operated systems.


  • Less interference. Fiber cables cannot conduct electricity as traditional copper cables do, resulting in a decreased likelihood of interference.


  • Lighter weight. By transmitting data through razor-thin strands of fiber instead of bulky copper cables, fiber optic systems offer a lightweight and easy-to-handle option when compared with traditional AV setups. This is an excellent added benefit for companies that must move their AV operations frequently.


  • Digitally transmitted data. When using copper cables, the source data must be converted to analog from digital. With a fiber network, this conversion is unnecessary, translating into fewer breakdowns and less frequent interference when compared with their copper counterparts.


Fast, lightweight, and surprisingly affordable, fiber technology is the wave of the future, but available today. Organizations across the country are adopting fiber optic technology. Contact Radiant Communication Corporation today for more information about how fiber optic technology can benefit your operation or business. To buy HD video encoders online, feel free to browse our site or give us a call today at 1-888-412-0124 for a free estimate.