Get Quality Video Anywhere with the New ELLVIS9000

If you’ve ever attempted to access video streams in areas with unreliable Internet connections, you can relate to the frustration of being unable to stream multiple videos in high quality. In an effort to solve these types of issues, and in addition to our MPEG2 HD Encoders, Radiant Communications Corporation is offering the new ELLVIS9000 SRT Gateway.

The ELLVIS9000 is an integrated, bidirectional SRT/UDP transport appliance. When utilized with VividEdge SRT ready MPEG Video Encoders, the system allows for the delivery of multiple streams of high-quality, secure, and low-latency video all across the public Internet.

This innovative solution enables h.264 and MPEG2 broadcast quality streams to be transported from any venue regardless of unreliable Internet connections. The ELLVIS9000 does away with the need for Satellite/Leased Line/Microwave/connections, providing high-quality, cost-effective transport for broadcast and PEG feeds.

The SRT optimizes your streaming performance across insecure networks with easy firewall traversal and secure streams, bringing you the best quality live video even over the worst networks. It accounts for jitter, packet loss, and fluctuating bandwidth, maintaining the quality and integrity of your video.

SRT provides dynamic endpoint adjustment, resiliency, and end-to-end security, based on real-time network conditions to deliver the best video quality at any time, on any network.

Integrated MPEG DASH Packager

With an additional firmware upgrade, the ELLVIS9000 supports Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over OTT Web Hosting and HTTP (DASH). Its dynamic stream type, combined with its short segment size of .5 to 1 sec, are ideal for live video applications where low stream latency is crucial. Web hosting may be over HTTP or HTTPS for added security. Up to forty instances of web host and packager can be loaded into the 1 RU footprint. This solution is ideal for MDU/Institutional local video content hosting where the physical network architecture is IP centric.

Highlights of the ELLVIS9000

Altogether, the ELLVIS9000 sports a variety of incredible features, including:

  • Broadcast delivery over public Internet
  • Low latency
  • End-to-end AES encryption
  • Error recovery
  • Protection from packet loss, bandwidth fluctuations, jitter, and delay
  • One-to-Many Fanout Capability
  • Integrated DASH Packager/ Web Host
  • Firewall friendly
  • One time buy for stream counts — upgradeable
  • No separate server required (Virtualized Models)
  • Single vendor solution
  • Intuitive web-based GUI
  • No recurring bandwidth service charge
  • Login Security
  • Live OTT streaming video applications
  • SRT Caller/Listener/Rendezvous Modes
  • Works with SRT Enabled MPEG Video Encoders

For more information on the ELLVIS9000, or to buy your HD Video Encoders online, don’t hesitate to call Radiant Communications Corporation today at 1(888) 412-0124 for a free estimate.