How You Can Provide Local Video in Apartment Buildings, Campuses, or Assisted Living Developments

Imagine needing to disperse a message to a high school or college campuses, apartment complex, or assisted living development. You want this message to be on a closed network and only available to the individuals that have direct access to the source of the transmission. What do you do?

Well, if you don’t have a local HD video encoder insertion, then probably not much. At Radiant Communications Corporation, we offer the VividEdge SD/HD video encoders that can help you distribute and broadcast messages and information locally.

Our VividEdge Local Insertions

VividEdge Local Insertions offer ease of use for both source and end users on a high-quality, low latency network. This makes them an ideal, efficient, and cost-effective solution for campus, hospitality, headed, and local broadcast applications.

Our VividEdge Local Insertions have unmatched power and flexibility, boasting efficient codecs and a thermal design that is optimized for delivering both HD and SD videos. These systems have a lightweight and compact design, making them perfect for larger communities or campuses.

What are VividEdge’s Output Compatibilities?

VividEdge is built for HFC QAM Edge, Fiber Deep Edge, RFoG Edge, Backhaul and PON Edge video insertion systems. You can find more about proper insertion setup by visiting our local video insertion page. Due to VividEdge’s compatibility with a range of inputs, its application is usually easily attained with a complex’s preexisting network and can be implemented into the cable network.

If you’re unsure of the type of network your cable system is operating on, we suggest that you get in touch with your local cable operator for more information.

Local Video Insertions in Your Facility

When you want to share a message on a closed network, it’s difficult to know where to start. When you have the team of experts at Radiant Communications Corporation at your disposal, you have access to our combined decades of experience that will help you decipher the cable language and provide guidance as to your systems applications and the ways to implement the system effectively.

We take pride in providing local video insertion technology with easy application and high functionality. To learn more about or purchase our VividEdge local insertions as well as our other communications technology, browse our website or call 1(888) 412-0124.