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HD Video Encoders

Radiant’s VividEdge HD video encoders for sale online transport high-quality, low-latency video over any network. The VividEdge Series of video encoders provide a cost-effective solution ideal for PEG, Broadcast, Headend, Campus and Hospitality applications.

finding the right hd video encoders for your converting needs

Broadcast Quality HD Video Encoders

With the efficient MPEG-2 and h.264 AVC codecs, the VividEdge HD video encoders for sale online deliver broadcast quality at an unbeatable cost when compared to industry-leading encoders.

Live Broadcast over Internet

VividEdge SRT Ready HD PEG encoders offer significant operational flexibility and cost savings over satellite or dedicated network infrastructure (direct fiber or MetroE circuit) and allow streaming of events from any venue despite unreliable Internet connections.

Predictive Maintenance

VividEdgeIoT Predict platform and advanced machine learning AI allows you to connect VividEdge HD video encoding devices to the cloud to prevent failures, loss of service in the field and improving the customer experience of the service.

MPEG-2 HD Encoders

Radiant Communications Corporation offers top-quality single and multichannel MPEG-2 HD video encoders for sale online. The MPEG-2 is one of the old but widely popular standards for coding moving pictures associated with audio data. These types of HD encoders compress the audio and video signals, reducing their bitrate so they can be more easily transmitted over vast distances or over the internet.

While newer systems like the H.264 Encoder are slowly replacing many of these dated systems, MPEG-2 HD encoders are still very commonly used for a wide range of applications including over the air broadcasting such as ATSC and cable systems such as DVB-C.

VL4500 Series – HD MPEG-2 and AVC Encoder

Radiant Communication Corporation’s VL4500 Series allows you to replace your analog audio and video transmission equipment with a high-quality HD-capable video encoder. This eliminates the need for a fiber receiver, video encoder, and groomer, reducing the rack space, power consumption, and heat dissipation of the system. This HD PEG encoder offers a solution for a range of PEG and local insertion channel and PEG loading scenarios while reducing equipment, transport, and service costs for video transmitting.

At Radiant Communications Corporation, we also utilize the latest technologies and analytics to leverage predictive maintenance and prevent vital equipment failures in the field, thus reducing losses of service for businesses and organizations across the world.

Our reliable VL4500 Series for sale online can use the VividEdge IoT Predictive Maintenance add-on to monitor system data to predict future failures. By assessing the internal voltages, the ambient and IC temperatures, the cooling air flow, and the system processes information, this platform and its advanced machine learning will allow you to connect your VL4500 HD video encoders to the cloud to prevent failures and improve the customer experience.

Collect and analyze data in real time. Get automatic notifications, and act in advance when abnormal conditions are detected, so you can maintain system operation at all times and minimize the potential for a loss of service.

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Deliver high-quality, low-latency video securely across the internet while reducing equipment and service costs when you upgrade your HD video encoders with Radiant Communications Corporation. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable experts today with any questions.


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