Vivid Edge Predict Service: The Internet of Things (IoT) is Here

At Radiant Communications Corporation, Inc., our goal is to develop the best encoding equipment for delivering the highest quality digital data transport systems on the market. To meet this goal, we make it a major priority to stay on the cutting-edge of digital transport technologies as they are being developed, so that we may incorporate them into our products to best meet the current and forthcoming needs of our customers. Compared to our competitors, we feel that we succeed in offering the most advanced H264 encoders for sale online, and we think our customers will agree when they discover the benefits of our Vivid Edge Predict Service for our VL series video encoders, a new machine-learning feature designed for the “Internet of things.”


The Internet of Things

The “Internet of things” (IoT) is a term getting thrown around a lot recently, and while the tech industry has been developing this technology since the term “Internet of things” was coined in 1999 by Kevin Ashton, IoT has been anticipated since Nikola Tesla first discussed the concept in an interview with Colliers Magazine in 1926. So, for an idea that’s been circling in the mind’s of inventors, engineers, and computer scientists for almost a century, it’s still rather fresh to the general consumer.


What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of things, simply put, is the concept of connecting any operable electronic device with an “on/off” switch to the internet, and to each other. First, think simple: coffee makers, alarm clocks, washing machines, cell phones; all connected and able to communicate with each other. Now, think bigger: cars and their components, jet engines, the drill of an oil rig, and even an entire city’s electrical power grid, all communicating with other IoT devices to best suit their purposes.


Imagine that your bed knows when you’ve gotten out of bed in the morning, and signals the coffee maker to start brewing. By the time your coffee starts brewing, your car has already detected traffic building on your usual route to work and sends a preemptive message to your boss saying you’ll be late. The car also knew the forecast called for snow today, so it switched to the appropriate snow-tires overnight after communicating with your robotic lift jack system in your garage. This level of technology is very real and it’s not far off.


Internet of Things in Digital Data Transport

It gets much bigger from there — the possibilities are boundless when you start thinking about entire cities being supported and managed by IoT devices and services in the future, but what you need to know today is how Radiant Communications Corporation utilizes this technology from a digital data transport perspective to make the best products for our customers. With our Vivid Edge Predict Service, we have brought essential IoT and machine learning functionality to our VL4500 series encoder.


With Vivid Edge IoT Predict Service technology, our VL4500 encoder can utilize the latest industrial IoT technologies and analytical services to leverage predictive use and maintenance, preventing failures in the field and reducing instances where service is lost. By collecting and analyzing data in real-time, the VL4500 can take action in the event an abnormal condition is detected. Predict Service automatically notifies the customer, schedules any necessary maintenance, and configures a redundant encoder to prevent loss of service.


That last step in Predict Service may just the most impressive part, as it is a function of self-repair, something we are expecting to be one of the most sought-after functions of machine learning and IoT: a device’s ability to fix itself, or at least patch the problem until a human can lend a hand.


Transporting You to the Future of Digital Data Transmission

Radiant Communications Corporation, Inc.’s engineers have created an IoT enabled video encoder for broadcast and streaming professionals who require precise and uninterrupted digital data transport solutions. You can find our Predict Service VL4500 series video encoders for sale online, in addition to a variety of other streaming and broadcast solutions for data, audio, and video transport.

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