3 Reasons to Choose the RM1106 Instead of SlingBox for HD Video Sharing

In the modern age, it is crucial for your organization to have the equipment necessary to keep pace with the constant evolution of streaming and broadcast technology. Traditional television broadcasting has developed at such a rapid pace since it was introduced into the homes of millions of Americans in the early 20th century. Since then, we’ve seen countless innovations to expand upon the idea of wireless data transmission, and how these technological developments can shape and alter a culture forever. One goal of progress that is uniform amongst inventors and engineers is that of quality advancement. The idea of improved quality and visual fidelity has taken hold in modern America as one of the sole drivers for innovation in digital video, audio, and data transmission.

One of these innovations has been the development of centralized transmission hubs that house data from a source feed or multiple source feeds before transmitting that information over fiber or broadband. That’s where we come in. Here at Radiant Communications Corporation, we know the value and growing need for data transmission systems that retain every ounce of visual and audible integrity. With the RM1106, we are confident that we’ve created a superior alternative to the popular SlingBox as a consumer-level, household broadcast management device.

Advantages of the RM1106

If you’re looking for a device similar to the discontinued SlingBox, we offer the RM1106 as an ideal solution with even greater functionality and features than mainstream products.

  • Powerful Hardware – With one box capable of handling up to four screens, and a total of nine screens being transmitted simultaneously, you’ll soon forget about the less functional alternatives once you’ve tried the RM1106.
  • High-Quality Streaming – If you’re concerned about signal quality and transmission efficacy, the RM1106 preserves every pixel or decibel of content, ensuring the delivery of crystal clear images and robust audio.
  • Compatibility – One of the great features of the RM1106 is its compatibility with a number of popular media devices in use today. DVD players, Blu-ray players, CCTV, DVR, network players, and more are supported.

Why Choose Radiant Communications Corporation’s RM1106

Here at Radiant Communications Corporation, we offer a variety of video encoders for sale online, including our distinguished MPEG 2 video encoders. To purchase an RM1106 encoder, or to explore the other products we offer for sale on our online store, please visit our shopping area and simply add to your cart. For any additional questions or inquiries, please call us at 1-888-412-0124 or fill out a contact form. We look forward to assisting you with your order!