Pinpointing the Right Remote Video Monitoring Solutions

How do you determine whether or not remote video monitoring is right for you?

The first step is to determine whether or not your organization requires innovative monitoring technology or if the intention is to simply outsource a feed to a remote site. Broadcasting your CCTV to a remote location doesn’t mean it will have a negative impact on your security functions, but you must think of it in terms of its costs and benefits for your entire organization.

If your dream is to create your own security operations center that concurrently monitors all security systems and CCTVs across a region, nation, or internationally, you must also acknowledge the costs and demands of such an undertaking. Despite its advantages for certain applications and operations, an all-out in-house security operation is, in many cases, unnecessary.


Big Solutions for Small Operations

Just because you don’t require the needs of a fully-operating security company doesn’t mean you don’t need security solutions. At Radiant Communications Corporation, we provide ways for individuals and businesses to buy video encoders online, in addition to a variety of other digital transport systems for data, video, and audio.

One such product, the RM1121 Remote Monitoring Encoder, provides a flexible and cost-effective solution to managing an entire channel lineup over internet, intranet, or your existing local area network (LAN). With the ability to monitor up to four CATV boxes, the RM1121 provides smaller operations who wish to utilize remote video monitoring — whether for security, reference, observation, or other applications — with a full-service solution with up to 9 real-time feeds via one computer monitor with PCVision 36 software.

So, at what point do you feel remote video monitoring is right for your business? If you like the flexibility and control of owning your own video monitoring operation, the RM1121 may be the product for you. Whether you require 24/7 monitoring or your needs are more periodical and circumstantial, the system is designed to be flexible and functional in a variety of situations.


To buy video encoders online for use with the RM1121, and to learn about the other digital transport products we offer here at Radiant Communications Corporation, please contact us at 1-888-412-0124 and continue exploring our website.