The Importance of Streaming Technologies as a Trade Tool

Streaming has all but taken over as the dominating digital video transport medium. With some of the world’s biggest digital companies’ business models rooted in the streaming of digital audio and video, we’re confident this technology has yet to truly manifest itself as the global standard in digital video and audio transportation. Household names like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and TwitchTV are all audio/video streaming platforms that see billions of dollars in revenue every year, and that number continues to rise.

With the streaming movement in full swing, it’s important to think outside the box in regards to streaming applications ― besides the entertainment we seek on a daily basis. In the realm of trade shows, brand/product showcasing, expos, and publicity events, attendees are most often the only people who have immediate access to up-and-coming products, services, and industry innovations. And usually, these attendees are either industry insiders or journalists, whose job is to network, partner, and purchase, or to report the news and happenings of that particular event to the public.

What we are seeing today is a shift in transparency in these events, once hidden under the veil of industry secrecy, in order to include the public, build consumer anticipation, and also to “beta-test” public opinion. What is this major shift? You probably guessed it: streaming.

Streaming has taken over as a viable and cost-conscious way to share industry information with the public. Take E3 for example, the Electronics Entertainment Expo that occurs every June in Los Angeles. This is one of the largest trade events in the world, drawing more than 68,400 people to the Los Angeles Convention Center in 2017. That was just the number of people who attended the event in person. The number of people who streamed the event? A staggering 21 million, with as many as 840,000 concurrent viewers via TwitchTV. These are massive numbers, and E3 was able to boost its entire operating capacity based on ad revenue alone from streaming platforms.

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