Enhance Your Broadcast Quality With Radiant Communications Corporation

In today’s day and age, local broadcast companies need every advantage they can get to provide their customers content that is more clear and faster than ever before. Whether your media is being broadcast to television sets or computer screens via livestream, it’s crucial to your communications operation to have reliable, cutting-edge equipment to enhance your broadcast.

As the expert suppliers of HD video encoders for sale online, RCC Fiber has crafted a variety of encoding and decoding solutions which have the potential to benefit your broadcasting operation in a variety of areas. One innovation, in particular, our VividEdge SRT Ready PEG encoder combines the benefits of cost savings and streamlined, operational flexibility for users.

In the media industry, having the latest and greatest video transport solution can make all the difference between broadcast competitors and ensuring viewer satisfaction. With our encoders, you’ll be able to transmit video to viewers rapidly, even in areas with the most unreliable network connectivity.

Predictive Maintenance Technology

When you turn to RCC Fiber for a quality HD video encoder, you’ll rest assured knowing your encoding solution features VividEdge IoT Predictive Maintenance software which closely monitors your systems internal temperatures, data, and airflow to prevent system failures before they’re able to happen. For broadcasting companies that can’t afford to go off of the air, our HD encoders are the perfect solution to stay connected with customers at all times.

Additional Benefits of RCC HD Encoders

  • Exceptionally low-latency video
  • Data efficiency
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Improved heat dissipation

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No matter which high-speed video transport solution you’re in need of, our all-in-one video encoders were designed to help boost broadcast efficiency and clarity, enhancing the end viewer’s experience. To find out more information about our impressive line of innovative technologies, give our experts a call today at 1-888-412-0124, or fill out a contact form through the website. Our company prides ourselves on being a reliable source for our customers, and we look forward to helping find you an ideal fiber or video solution for your operation.