The Benefits of GPON FTTx Insertion Solutions

As the most trusted source to buy FTTx solutions online, Radiant Communications Corporation offers innovative media converters to help streamline one’s fiber optic network in terms of transmitting high-quality, low-latency audio/visual content in a more environmentally friendly, cost-efficient manner.

Rather than relying on antiquated copper lines to distribute media, utilizing a Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network (GPON) to bring fiber lines to the homes (FTTH/FTTP) or businesses (FTTB) of your customers offers a range of benefits.

Secure, Reliable Connections

With fiber optic cables, your company will be able to transmit more data across further distances, faster than ever before. Beyond that, since fiber lines use light beams to carry data transmissions rather than electrical current, they eliminate electromagnetic interference, which often damages copper-based networks.

Fiber cables also have a more durable construction than traditional copper cables which are far more susceptible to damage and decay over time. With a fiber network, you’ll be able to significantly lower maintenance and replacement costs, in turn, seeing a positive return on investment for the years to come.   

Build Upon Existing Infrastructures

Another benefit of Radiant Communication Corporation’s GPON Fiber insertions is that you’ll be able to utilize your company’s existing copper cable network by simply updating the lines with fiber optic technologies for faster, more reliable connections.    

Increased Energy & Cost Efficiency

Benefitting from not having to replace your customers’ existing equipment, such as modems and set-top boxes, your company will be able to deliver higher-quality content for lower setup costs. Additionally, fiber optic networks are more environmentally friendly because they don’t give off heat like copper does, reducing cooling costs for your organization or data center.   

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