How To Differentiate Between HD & SD Encoding

What is the difference between HD and SD Encoders?

In most cases, SD video encoders generate a screen resolution of 480p, which has been the standard quality for as long as the technology has existed. Typically, HD encoders stream in either 720p or 1080p and require higher bandwidth for efficient speed and quality.

What are SD Encoders?

Standard Definition (SD) encoders are typically considered the baseline product for many forms of video streaming. While SD products have been largely phased out when it comes to entertainment systems like TVs and gaming consoles, they still serve a significant purpose when it comes to encoding basic quality video streams.

As a result of the low bitrate required for SD encoding, you will benefit from low initial product cost as well as a decreased operational cost. Since SD products are still fully capable of streaming standard quality video for CCTV, MDU, and PEG encoding, they can be an effective way to save money if high quality is not a necessity for you.

What are HD Encoders?

High Definition (HD) video streaming is the most commonly used type of encoding for cable broadcasting due to the size of today’s TV screens and the preference for high-resolution media. HD video encoders are capable of streaming a clear picture from most sources.

HD encoders can also stream MPEG-2 and H.264 files without quality loss, giving it a significant advantage over its SD counterpart. It should come as no surprise that HD encoders will cost slightly more than standard definition, but most customers find that the difference in quality is worth the investment. High Definition (HD) encoders are quickly replacing SD as the industry standard for video streaming quality.

Find Your Ideal Encoder

With technology in a constant state of change and innovation, there’s no secret that it can be difficult to keep up. Sometimes, the terminology alone can lead to confusion. At Radiant Communications Corporation, we aim to keep you in the know by drawing clear comparisons between some of the most commonly misunderstood terms in our industry, such as the difference between SD and HD video encoding. As a manufacturer of communication products with more than 30 years of experience, we can provide you with the necessary information to improve your knowledge as a consumer.

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