3 Reasons to Have High-Quality Security Video Streaming for MDUs

If you own or operate a multi-dwelling unit (MDU) such as a college dormitory, hospital campus, assisted living facility, or apartment building, it is crucial that you recognize the importance of your CCTV security feed. When an incident occurs on your property, you must be able to effectively assess the situation and respond accordingly. HD video encoders from Radiant Communications Corporation help to allow for exactly that, giving MDU owners the ability to stream seamless, high-quality video from multiple security feeds.

To emphasize the importance of utilizing high-quality streaming methods, we have listed the top three reasons to make sure that your MDU uses up-to-date video encoders for its security system.

Accurate Referencing

When you operate any type of multi-dwelling unit, there are bound to be circumstances where you need to return to your security footage for one reason or another. Whether you need to reexamine the events of an accident, robbery, altercation, or anything else, it is vitally important that your security feed is streamed in high-definition quality so that authorities can properly distinguish between what did and did not occur.

Identify Criminal Activity

As the owner of an MDU, you are partially responsible for the safety of those who live on your property. Unfortunately, places like college campuses and apartment buildings experience their fair share of criminal activity, such as vandalism or robberies. By utilizing high-quality streaming technology for your CCTV security system, you remain one step ahead of the criminals. High-speed streams allow for faster response times, and may even help stop crimes before they have been fully committed.

Accidents Happen

Whenever a large group of people is collected in one general living space, accidents can undoubtedly occur. Whether it is an alcohol-related incident on a college campus or an assisted living resident who has hurt themselves, keeping an up-to-date security system with high-quality streaming capabilities can drastically improve response times.

At Radiant Communications Corporation, we are proud to provide our customers with products that help to improve the safety and efficiency of their facilities. If you own a multi-dwelling unit and wish to improve your security video quality, cable broadcast streaming, or PEG encoding capabilities, visit or call 1-888-412-0124 today.