Local Video Insertion Applications From Radiant Communications Corporation

Since our inception in 1985, Radiant Communications Corporation has helped countless companies increase the speed and quality of their video and audio streaming. As an industry leader, we are constantly upgrading and improving our applications to achieve better results for encoding and decoding multimedia.

We offer various local video insertion systems for 2018, with a multitude of different functions and advantages provided. Four of our featured applications for the new year include:

Signage Channel Insertion for Multi-Dwelling Units

There are multiple local insertion options available to alleviate problems arising from multi-system operators that cannot handle lo-def streams that are time sensitive, such as security and surveillance videos. The QRF5000 and VL4500 encoding systems are capable of encoding streams from multiple sources without a significant delay.

Our equipment can also enable low-latency video streams to be delivered over the internet using an open-source transport system, SRT protocol, optimizing streaming capabilities on networks that are both weak and unpredictable.

CCTV Channel Insertion

When it comes to time-sensitive security footage, there is typically a delay of more than a minute due to slower processing, cutting down response time if an emergency should occur. Given the importance of fast responses on college campuses or in hospital complexes, our VL4510 encoders can stream both mobile and full-screen profiles to a given server, which results in a drastic decrease in time delay while still allowing for simultaneous user connections between 100 and 150.

Video Distribution Edge Insertion

Additionally, we offer video distribution edge (VDE) insertion for multi-dwelling units that stream cable feeds across networks of varying sizes. Our VL4500 series of encoders can support high-quality video with multiple simultaneous inputs and streams.  

Campus Insertion Encoder

Our VL4600 campus encoder helps clients who are seeking efficient video streaming from both IP inputs and SDI cameras. The Radiant VL4600 can offer multiple output formats capable of streaming from a variety of applications including ASI, GigE, MPEG TS, SRT, and social media providers such as Facebook and Youtube.

In addition to local video insertion equipment, we also offer video encoders for sale online and more. To learn more or get a quote, call 1-888-412-0124.