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PON Insertion Solutions

A Passive Optical Network, or PON, is the insertion of telecommunications via fiber optic connections for both residential and commercial consumers.

RFoG Insertion

Radio Frequency over Glass (RFoG) technology is a deep-fiber network design which provides the effective transfer of media to consumers, eliminating the need for businesses to send their communication signals through HFC optical nodes, coaxial outputs, or RF amplifiers to deliver audio and video content to their customers while still being able to use existing consumer equipment such as modems and set-tops. RFoG streamlines network performance and provides users with advantages such as lower energy consumption and costs.

ftth fiber to the home

Whether your business is utilizing an RFoG or PON insertion setup to deliver your local video content to your customers, the QRF5000MFX series of encoders offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for your networking needs.

Buy Fiber-to-the-Home Technology Online

Fiber to the home technology is the cutting edge network arrangement for your business’s local telecommunication needs. Now, with the Radiant QRF5000MFX Series, this technology is more accessible and affordable than ever before. For local video in hospitals, hotels, MDUs, retirement centers, and more, this RFoG/PON Insertion Encoder is the ultimate method to bring high-quality content to your customers.

Why does your business need Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology?

  • Fiber network connections are the future. Many copper cables that were installed in the last century are being replaced with fiber optic cables. These cables are able to carry more data — more quickly — over much longer distances.
  • Fiber networks provide better quality audio and video. Television networks continue to offer more high definition video content, and fiber optics provide the best quality from the network provider to your customer’s television set.
  • It works with your existing infrastructure. FFTH utilizes the copper cables already in place and updates them with fiber optic technology for faster connections.

You can buy equipment for fiber to the home online at Radiant Communications Corporation. Our QRF5000MFX series provides an efficient solution for those looking to create a fiber to the home setup.

Advantages of PON Insertion with the Radiant QRF5000MFX Series

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This PON/RFoG Encoder is the perfect solution for your business’s fiber to the home technology needs. You can find all the devices you need for fiber to the home for sale online at Radiant Communications Corporation. Our encoders offer many advantages:

  • Easy to use — This PON insertion encoder is a simple plug-and-play, ensuring that you get your network up and running in no time.
  • No additional equipment needed — The QRF-5000 works with all of your existing technology, which significantly reduces your cost to set up the system.
  • Multiple Applications — This unit works for both single node and multiple node QAM over fiber insertion for RFoG and FTTx.
  • Single node – Works efficiently for optical video insertion in PON with overlay and RFoG networks for insertion of locally generated content as an MPEG-2 SD QAM RFoG stream.
  • Multiple node – Your business’s locally-generated content is simply encoded at the edge and transported to the headend.

This unit is an ideal way for your MDU or other similar business to bring your locally-generated content to your customers. The QRF-5000 encoder features:

  • User-friendly graphical interface which allows for PON media insertion of your content with less hassle than other encoders
  • Flexible channel selection
  • Compliance with both QBA and MPEG-2
  • Dolby Digital 2.0 Audio for high-quality sound
  • ITU Laser Output
  • 40km SBS suppression
  • Low power consumption to keep your utility costs low

Plus, with all products available from Radiant Communications Corporation, you know that you are getting a quality unit from experts in the industry. Our products are used all across the globe by telecommunications companies, television networks, and both private and government institutions.

Radiant Communications Corporation has developed a wide array of devices to meet all of a company’s needs for the various aspects of a fiber optic network system. Our expertise in this industry is unparalleled, and we can help your business prepare for the future by upgrading to fiber optic technology. Radiant Communication Corporation also offers free 24/7 technical support for all of our trusted products and fiber solutions.

To buy optical transports, HD video encoding solutions, or to find other FTTx solutions for sale online, please continue to browse our site.


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