Municipal Fiber Networks don’t have to be complete to serve all applications.  ELLVIS is here!

What is ELLVIS and How is it Shaking Up The Transport of HD Video Online? At Radiant Communications Corporation, a leading provider of PEG (Public Education and Government) Encoding solutions, we strive to keep developing innovative technologies to help streamline municipal operations by improving communication. One of those exciting new technologies is ELLVIS (Encrypted, Low-Latency, […]

Four Reasons to Switch to Fiber Technology

If you’ve been in the market for an HD video encoder, SD encoder, or another piece of equipment that provides your business with better, faster, and more reliable communication and closed-circuit video and audio capabilities, the words “fiber network” have probably already come up in your search. Fiber optic technology incorporates thin glass or plastic […]

Placeshifting Technology

What is Placeshifting? Placeshifting technology allows media, which is stored on one device, to be remotely accessed from another device. It can incorporate format shifting as well — for example, a placeshifting device can take a broadcast appearing on cable television and convert it for streaming on mobile devices all around the world. Practical Use […]

How the SRT Protocol Can Make Video Streaming Better for Your Organization

Radiant Communications Corporation recently joined the SRT Alliance, a group that supports the management and implementation of an open source video transport protocol, SRT. The SRT protocol allows for high-quality and low latency videos to be shared easily on the internet. With this alliance, it’s easier for companies in the telecommunications industry, as well as […]

How Fiber-to-Home Technology Can Improve Your Business’s Internal Video System

One of the fastest-growing and most cutting-edge advancements in local video insertion is fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) technology. The internet has drastically altered many aspects of our day-to-day lives. As it evolves, the way we get online is rapidly changing as well. Most people remember dial-up internet — waiting forever to get online, slow speeds, and having to kick […]