Placeshifting Technology

What is Placeshifting?

Placeshifting technology allows media, which is stored on one device, to be remotely accessed from another device. It can incorporate format shifting as well — for example, a placeshifting device can take a broadcast appearing on cable television and convert it for streaming on mobile devices all around the world.

Practical Use of Placeshifting

The average consumer probably recognizes the idea of placeshifting as a way to watch local baseball games and their favorite TV shows on their devices, no matter where they are. One of the common practical uses of placeshifting is to avoid copyright infringement, as the content is still being locally broadcast and only the location has been shifted.

An Alternative to Slingbox

If you’re a business owner who needs a device that allows you to stream local baseband videos online to a number of different locations, you’ve probably already heard about placeshifting. Though many businesses rely on devices like Slingbox for their placeshifting needs, Radiant Communications Corporation has developed an alternative to the standard Slingbox technology that improves the speed and clarity of placeshifted content through fiber technology. The RM1106 is a placeshifting, streaming device that allows multiple users to view remote content simultaneously with crystal clear quality. The RM1106 is not simply a replacement for the Slingbox; it offers an improvement on the technology, reducing lag and allowing up to four screens to be supported at the same time thanks to the speed of the fiber network.

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