How Schools and Universities Can Benefit From a Fiber Network

If you are in charge of the communications system or closed circuit television system of a school or university, you already know that striking the perfect balance between quality and cost-effectiveness can be difficult to find. Your students and faculty depend upon their communications system to keep both their co-workers and students informed, but these systems can quickly become prohibitively expensive if set up by an inexperienced company. Radiant Communications Corporation has been providing cost-effective PEG encoders and other communications systems to help schools and universities improve their audio and visual systems while keeping costs down.

Radiant Communications Corporation has been in business since 1985, and the company is committed to keeping up with the technological advancements that make communications systems more affordable for schools without sacrificing quality. A fiber system is one of the most cutting-edge ways to ensure that your school has access to high-definition video and audio over a defined network. In particular, the video encoders developed by Radiant Communications Corporation take advantage of fiber optic technology to transmit on either a single-channel or multi-network system. Our MPEG-2 and H.264 video encoders allow you to multi-cast to an endless number of network locations, making it the perfect tool for day-to-day communications requirements in which a large number of users are contained on a single network, such as a school or university.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the difference that fiber technology can bring to you and your employees, the first step is to buy a patch panel that is formatted for your specific needs. The fiber patch panels available from Radiant Communications Corporation are able to streamline local video networks by using a single fiber to transmit communication signals to a number of devices on the network. This is perfect for a school system with teachers and staff users that rely on the network for fast, reliable signals.

Now is the perfect time to contact Radiant Communications Corporation to learn more about how you can help your school step into the 21st century with fiber technology.