What are the Types of Patch Panels Available at Radiant Communications Corporation?

If your business is looking to streamline and simplify your IP, data, and voice communication, there’s no better solution than a fiber patch panel. A fiber patch panel allows you to house your passive optical network in one convenient place, reducing the chance that your system becomes damaged by external forces and needs to be repaired.

At Radiant Communications Corporation, we’re proud to provide businesses with the highest quality products when they buy a patch panel from our website. We hold ourselves and our products to the highest standards, allowing you to rest assured that the patch panel you will receive is safe and made from durable material. Our patch panels are constructed with heavy-duty housing and a multi-step paint processing system to offer you the highest security possible for your network’s needs. We offer a variety of sizes that can accommodate anywhere from 12 to 96 cables depending on the needs of your business. A PON that uses a fiber patch panel is the perfect solution for a business looking to simplify their communicative needs.

Currently, Radiant Communications Corporation offers the following types of fiber patch panels that differ in style and uses:

  • Wall mount patch panels. The wall mount patch panel is the most universal type of fiber patch panel, and our models can accommodate all major styles and types of cables. This type of patch panel is also stackable, and it comes with a cable management accessory kit.
  • Rack mount patch panels. The main feature of the rack mount patch panel is that it offers both front and rear openings, providing you with simple and easy cable management options. Optional splice trays and splicing pigtails allow you to further customize your system.
  • Rack card cages & splice trays. While not an individual type of fiber patch panel, these accessories provide you with additional options when it comes to managing your cable system and making your unit more organized and easier to maintain.

To learn more about our fiber patch panels and other products for your network, please browse our site.