How the SRT Protocol Can Make Video Streaming Better for Your Organization

Radiant Communications Corporation recently joined the SRT Alliance, a group that supports the management and implementation of an open source video transport protocol, SRT. The SRT protocol allows for high-quality and low latency videos to be shared easily on the internet. With this alliance, it’s easier for companies in the telecommunications industry, as well as PEG operators, to stream videos and events.

SRT can bring the best quality video to even the worst networks. Here are some qualities that make the SRT protocol worthwhile:

Pristine Quality

You can protect against packet loss, bandwidth fluctuation, and other issues that can typically interrupt video streaming.

Low Latency

Regardless of any network challenges, SRT always delivers low latency video while maintaining exceptional clarity.

Secure Streams

Your content will always be protected, from contribution to distribution. You can be sure that your video content will be as private or as public as you want it to be.

Open Source

The SRT protocol is available for any developer thanks to Haivision and Wowza, the founding members of the SRT Alliance.

If your organization is hosting a company retreat, a volunteer program, a live performance, or another event that you want to share with the world through a live stream, Radiant Communications Corporation makes it easier for you, thanks to their quality encoders which are compatible with the SRT protocol. Clients, partners, and competition will be wondering how your video quality and streaming are so crisp and smooth.

Radiant Communication Corporation already has a goal of delivering affordable and high-quality video to the telecommunications industry and PEG operators through our state-of-the-art equipment, such as MPEG 2 HD encoders. By joining the SRT Alliance and having the SRT protocol enabled on our devices, we can continue to promise you and your organization the highest quality in live streaming.

Our President, Thomas Lewis, released the following statement in regards to joining the SRT alliance:

“This alliance compliments Radiant Communications’ already extensive line of MPEG2 /H.264 HD and SD VIVIDEDGE video encoders and allows our customers to transmit high quality and low latency video over public networks like the internet. The SRT protocol enabled VL4510 VividEdge encoder allows broadcasters and PEG operators a secure and low-cost solution for transmitting live video events such as school games and plays, board meetings, parades, community events, etc., via the internet to cable operators for distribution to their customers.”

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