Municipal Fiber Networks don’t have to be complete to serve all applications.  ELLVIS is here!

What is ELLVIS and How is it Shaking Up The Transport of HD Video Online?

At Radiant Communications Corporation, a leading provider of PEG (Public Education and Government) Encoding solutions, we strive to keep developing innovative technologies to help streamline municipal operations by improving communication. One of those exciting new technologies is ELLVIS (Encrypted, Low-Latency, Video Internet Streaming), the benefits of which we will explain in this post.

Many municipalities are installing their own fiber rings and/or networks to create town-wide communications for many applications. Those applications include distance learning outlets for schools, a town-wide bulletin board for events, a PEG channel to broadcast local sporting events and public forum events, courtroom-to-jail communications for smoother and easier interviewing procedures, and emergency broadcasts — to name just a few.  To accomplish this, the fiber network must be complete to many locations in town.

However, as you might imagine, costs always dictate how and when networks are finished, and they also determine whether a town can access updates as new applications arise. Money limits the completion and overall function of most networks.

This is where ELLVIS comes in, enabling the communications needed to fulfill all applications before the fiber infrastructure is complete.

ELLVIS is a media gateway that allows high definition (HD) encrypted video transport over the public internet, anywhere there is a broadband internet connection. The encryption allows safe video transport, and the proprietary buffering scheme keeps the HD video quality intact, even when the internet is busy during peak times.

Putting ELLVIS at the municipal “Head End” acts, essentially, as a traffic cop that manages and retransmits all video streams, no matter what form of communications transport arrives (fiber, copper, internet broadband).  ELLVIS can reside on a server or PC and can help manage the streams and send them back out to wherever they should be, thus completing the town-wide network at a fraction of the cost of completing the fiber infrastructure.

For HD video over the internet that’s not “all shook up,” ELLVIS is the time- and money-saving solution you’ve been seeking! For more information on ELLVIS and how it can help solve your municipality’s communications challenge, or to inquire about our MPEG2 video encoders and other products, contact Radiant Communications Corporation today at 800-969-3427 or fill out a contact form on our website.