Why An Effective Communications Network is Essential for Schools

In a world reliant on technology to fill even our most basic needs, from the food we eat to our transportation systems to the way we communicate, it’s easy for individual people to feel isolated and lose their sense of community. 

In an educational environment such as a high school or university, isolation is the enemy. It’s difficult for both students and faculty to perform up to their full potential, whether they’re learning or teaching, if they don’t feel connected and engaged.

That’s why a highly functional campus communications network is so important, and why Radiant Communications Corporation is proud to design and deliver products that facilitate the delivery of information across such networks, no matter how unreliable those networks might be.

Schools need to be able to stream high-quality, low-latency video across a campus network for several reasons, including:

  • Delivering campus news, whether through student media organizations or from administrative offices
  • Delivering important messages, especially in emergencies
  • Broadcasting sporting events
  • Broadcasting assemblies or concerts
  • Providing remote learning opportunities for students who can’t be in the classroom
  • Keeping parents informed about their children’s educational experience

Video streams that are slow or constantly interrupted due to an unreliable network are not just ineffective; they’re extremely frustrating for the end-user. Really, a poorly functioning network is as good as none at all.

For educational institutions that struggle to stream low-latency video across the public internet, Radiant Communications Corporation offers Secure Reliable Transport solutions for chunked transfer encoding. With their VividEdge SRT and ELLVIS9000 streaming gateways, educational networks can overcome common streaming challenges such as inconsistent or insufficient bandwidth, jitter or packet loss, while maintaining the security of their closed network. Investing in a more sophisticated network is unnecessary with help from these innovative products.

ELLVIS9000 is an acronym for Encrypted Low Latency Video Internet Streaming. This innovative multistream media gateway acts as a kind of traffic cop for video streams being delivered over the internet. It maintains the high-definition quality of the video, no matter how busy the public internet gets by using a proprietary buffering scheme.

Using tools such as ELLVIS9000 can facilitate effective communication in an increasingly isolated world, which can help students and faculty alike reach their full potential — while enjoying every step of the journey.

The experts at Radiant Communications Corporation can answer any questions or provide advice for boosting the media streaming capabilities of your campus network. For more information about VividEdge SRT, ELLVIS9000 and all of our MPEG2, H.264 and DASH/HLS streaming solutions to improve communication on a school or university campus, contact Radiant Communications Corporation today or fill out an online request for a free quote.