Municipal Fiber Networks don’t have to be complete to serve all applications.  ELLVIS is here!

What is ELLVIS and How is it Shaking Up The Transport of HD Video Online? At Radiant Communications Corporation, a leading provider of PEG (Public Education and Government) Encoding solutions, we strive to keep developing innovative technologies to help streamline municipal operations by improving communication. One of those exciting new technologies is ELLVIS (Encrypted, Low-Latency, […]

Does Your Company Need a Fiber Patch Panel?

A fiber patch panel is a device functioning as a host to a number of jacks, typically of the same or similar type, for the use of connecting and routing circuits for monitoring, interconnecting and testing circuits in an easy, flexible manner. These enclosures are used to organize and distribute optical cables and the branches. […]

FTTh Video insertion challenges in multi-node systems

Billions of dollars are spent annually delivering high speed fiber networks to Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) —apartments, condos, and student-housing—across North America. Service providers recognize the rich potential returns on a fiber investment in such high-density markets. Fiber connections will bring fast, reliable, content-rich services to millions of households. However, poor planning of fiber network interfaces […]