Why You Should Consider an HD Encoder

It’s no secret that we have seen rapid development and enhancement of audiovisual equipment over the past 10 years.  In that short amount of time, many Americans went from owning large, bulky CRT televisions and computer monitors to sleek, flat-screen displays, capable of displaying high-definition content. Companies who wish to stay on the cutting edge of technology to deliver HD content to their customers need not look further than Radiant Communications Corporation, which offers a wide array of products for your business’s telecommunication needs.

VL4500 Series of HD Encoders

These versatile units are designed to fit every company’s needs, offering both HD and SD inputs and IP, ASI, and QAM outputs. Here are some other advantages of the various models in the series that you may not have considered.

– MPEG-2 encoding and AVC H.264 encoding – These are the two most common video codecs used in the broadcasting industry today. The VL4500 allows for crystal-clear streaming of HD content in H.264, which also encoding SD versions in MPEG-2 for customers with legacy set-top boxes.

– SD to HD up-conversion – The VL4521 model has the ability to up-convert SD content to HD, making your programming look sharper and clearer for customers with newer equipment in their homes.

– Reduce equipment – Not only are the products in the VL4500 series compact and lightweight, but they also eliminate the fiber receiver, encoder, and groomer from the headend, which gives you more space to operate and helps you save money by lowering power consumption.

– Closed Captioning – While newer TVs may have vibrant video, their audio is often less impressive. Help reach customers who are hard of hearing with subtitling via EIA708.

– Free firmware updates – With Radiant Communications Corporation, there is no need for a service contract. We are always making improvements to our products, and we pass them along to you at no additional cost.

Whether you need an MPEG-2 encoder or AVC H.264 encoder, the VL4500 series has exactly the solution you need. Even if your business is not ready for HD programming, these products will allow you to convert easily in the future without purchasing new equipment. Make sure you are ready for the next advances in technology by upgrading to an HD encoder from Radiant Communications Corporation. Call us today at 1-888-412-0124 for a free estimate.