Radiant Communications Introduction to the Video Content Distribution Management System (VCDMS)

Radiant Communications manufactures Video Encoders entirely in New Jersey for Special Applications like MDU Video Insertion, Remote Video Monitoring of Unmanned Video Networks,  Special Video Channels for Senior Communities, and our ELLVIS Streaming Gateway.

Our new VCDMS is an Element management system. It is designed to manage and provision devices such as MPEG encoders, SRT gateways, and to provision and manage the content streams that flow from and between these devices. The VCDMS provides a one point of contact application for monitoring the performance of the devices as well as the performance of the content streams. Alarms are generated when any device or stream dips below its nominal performance and restoration notifications are generated when such anomalies are repaired and service restored. The entire system operates on a database from which system backups, reports, and device redundancy are managed. A batch update facility allows large numbers of devices within a system or region to be updated in one job.

A Graph of the VCDMS