MDU in-house Channel for Property Owners

The New Vivid Way

With the evolution of cable and Internet access networks, a new effortless way is needed to present local content to community residents. The new methods will allow managed properties, such as nursing homes, or managed gated communities to continue to offer local programming and informational channel services to their residents using the Internet. Local content services such as gate cameras, bulletin boards, educational programming, and local entertainment productions are typical examples. The New Way solves a number of problems that owners and management companies face today:

  • the number of channels delivered today is no longer an issue
  • there is no need of MSO’s involvement in the process
  • Easy install with no special tools and skills
  • Radiant Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) installed, serviced, and monitored
  • Provides ability to generate revenue with local Ad Campaigns
  • Scalable from Single Property to Worldwide Management Company

The System

Local or distributed webcasting systems can be set with the use of small, rugged VividEdge encoders. The VL4500 VividEdge units feature a high-quality broadcast encoder and integrated packager/origin server that segments the video into chunks and creates a web service as part of the solution. Internet access is all that is needed on site. Radiant Stream Director cloud application decides which content residents can view and send the proper content links and metadata to the Radiant Smart Client Application that lives on residents’ cable boxes, and mobile devices. The decision is based on a set of rules that factor in variables such as client Lat/Long, source network address, MAC Address, or account number.

VCDMS cloud application supplies real-time operations, administration, and maintenance activities on all devices in the system. VCDMS A.I. ensures the maximum possible uptime of your programming.