Radiant Communications Corporation President Honored With 2015 SCTE Member of the Year Award


The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers, or SCTE for short, is an organization that unites over 22,000 technical cable telecommunications professionals. We’ve always been proud to work together with them in multiple ways: they provide training, certifications and information on the latest developments and advancements in our field, and we’re always looking to be at the forefront of the industry. Starting on October 13th and running through October 16th, the SCTE had their biggest event of the year, the Cable-Tec Expo. This expo is a meeting of more than 375 companies, 69 countries and countless professionals of the telecommunications field eager to connect and learn more about their industry.

In addition to the exhibitions and other programming, the SCTE also gives out their yearly awards at the Cable-Tec Expo. These awards are a way for the organization to recognize and honor individuals who have made exceptional contributions to SCTE locally and nationally, as well as made an impact in the industry in general. We always enjoy SCTE expos, but this year was special for a particular reason: our company president, Thomas L. Lewis, was honored with the 2015 SCTE Member of the Year Award.

Thomas has been an active member since 1999, including 15 years as the secretary and a year as the president of the Chesapeake Chapter. As the secretary, his particular focus has been on ensuring financial stability that allows the chapter to serve their members in the best ways possible. The chapter has maintained a positive cash flow since 2002, which is why they have been able to offer free training several times a year to their over 300 chapter members. In fact, upon being recognized, a special mention was made of Thomas’ dedication to SCTE’s educational mission that these free trainings have been a crucial part of. He has also been involved in the hands-on aspects of the organization by coordinating countless meetings, technical trainings and communication with the Chesapeake telecommunications community.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Thomas on this well-deserved honor and to say that we eagerly await all the exciting things that he and Radiant Communications Corporation, a company that has grown to be a leading provider of products from MPEG2 encoders to surveillance security equipment, have ahead of them.