The Many Uses of Fiber Optic Cable

As most of you probably already know, fiber optic cable is what you use to carry light. That’s the simplest way to describe it. Moving forward from that, things get more complicated as the kind of fiber optic cable you need depends on the industry and a wide variety of other requirements. What everyone should know, though, is that they’re some of the world’s most important components, as they are basically what’s needed to make telephones, television and the Internet work.

As the leading providers of items designed to transport video, data and audio, we have designed and manufactured products specifically for people looking to buy fiber optic cable that is both of high-quality and suited for an exact purpose. That’s why, this month, we thought we would discuss fiber optic cables in general and our selection of them in particular. This is just a brief introduction, though, so if you would like more comprehensive and detailed information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Generally speaking, fiber optic cable consists of the core (which is the glass center through which the light travels), the cladding (which is the outer optical material that surrounds the core and reflects light back into the core) and the buffer coating (which is the plastic coating around the cladding that protects against moisture and other damage).

Now, as you may already know if you work in the field, fiber optic cables come in two types, which are the single-mode and multi-mode fiber cables. The main difference between them is that single-mode ones have a smaller core and they are used to transmit infrared laser light while multi-mode ones have bigger cores and they are used to transmit infrared light.

Naturally, at RCC Fiber we offer both options. If you want specific information on, for example, the insertion and return loss numbers, we recommend you to visit our product catalogue or to contact us directly. But we would like to point out that all of our fiber optic cables are machine polished for optimum performance and that our sales department would be happy to help you by coming up with a custom assembly.