Celebrating the Radiant Communications Corporation’s VL4500 Encoder

The Radiant Communications Corporation’s VL4500 MPEG.2/H.264 encoder for video and audio was recently approved for use by a major multi-system operator (MSO) for the purpose of distributing local content from public, educational and governmental channels, from their studios back to their local cable providers. The content will be inserted and distributed to operator’s customers as a high-definition, high-quality signal, all while reducing costs to the operator and their customers. Today, we’ll go in detail how we maintained high encoding quality levels with the VL4500 while keeping operational costs low.

Extensive Testing

As a provider of multiple communications solutions for all size business, we understand that rigorous testing of our technology is the key to quality, and experimentation helps us to craft the most cost-effective design. We tested the VL4500 for video quality for several months before sending it to an independent lab for durability testing. After a year of testing in harsh environmental conditions, both the hardware and video quality were proven to stand up to severe weather, meaning that service would be consistent for the MSO’s customers.

VLAN Support

We included virtual local area network (VLAN) support on the VL4500’s transport stream port. This means that the MSO does not need to use a service delivery switch to deploy the encoder, thus reducing equipment at the provider’s headend and the customer’s location, as well as reducing the need for service at the customer’s location.

Low Energy Consumption

Radiant always strives to make its designs as energy-efficient as possible. The VL4500 is one of our most effective yet. Its compact, lightweight design dissipates a low amount of heat thanks to efficient MPEG2 and AVC codecs, and the encoder can deliver a 1080p stream and 480i down convert stream using less than 24 watts of power. Plus, the VL4500 has a wide operational temperature range and can operate in locations that other broadcast encoding equipment typically cannot withstand.

Replaces Legacy Transmitters

The VL4500 eliminates the need for analog audio and video fiber transmitters, which can be replaced with a much more cost-effective HD-capable multi-channel encoder. The replacement of analog fiber transmitters means that the operator’s headend no longer requires the fiber receiver, encoder and groomer. As a result, the amount of rack space, power consumption and heat dissipation needed are also reduced.

The VL4500 is just one of many products (like fiber patch panels and MPEG2 decoders) that we’ve designed with quality and cost-efficiency in mind. To see the full range of solutions from Radiant Communications Corporation, visit our Product Gallery.