6 Advantages of the Radiant Communications Corporation’s QRF5000MFX Series

With the launch of our QRF5000MFX Series, we are proud to finally offer you a cost effective solution to locally generated video insertion in PON, FTTH or RFoG networks. With the QRF5000MFX, operators of closed cable networks for security cameras in locales like gated communities, retirement homes and casinos can encode video and audio at broadcast-quality levels and distribute them to multiple devices. Here are the six key advantages of the QRF5000MFX series.
At Radiant Communications Corporation, we make it our mission to offer affordable solutions for any-sized business or network. We consistently develop cost-effective solutions to address your individual needs, and the QRF5000MFX Series is no exception. No matter the size of your network, the QRF5000MFX can take on your content distribution needs. Furthermore, the QRF5000MFX’s affordability does not come with the sacrifice of quality. It is QBA and MPEG-2 compliant and features Dolby Digital 2.0 audio.
We are proud to be the first company in the market to offer this kind of technology to our customers. In keeping with our tradition of innovation and advanced engineering, Radiant Communications Corporation has developed and implemented this technology ahead of a major MSO that is currently in testing stages with it. You no longer have to wait for this highly anticipated technology, because the QRF5000MFX Series is available immediately.
Multiple Uses
The QRF5000MFX Series is a flexible solution developed for insertion over any RFOG, FTTH or PON network. With this PON encoder, you can distribute locally generated audio and video content over multiple channels, making it ideal for CATV distributors and security camera networks in hotels, casinos, gated communities and other existing cable networks. We also developed the QRF5000MFX with your growing network in mind, which means that it can adapt to any size network.
Our engineers and designers do not just work to make cost-effective, technologically advanced solutions, but they also strive to make installation and operation as simple as possible for you. Though the QRF5000MFX is a powerful solution, it is also easy to operate. This plug-and-play device has a built-in AQM modulator, broadcast-quality MPEG-2 encoder and DWDM laser. The streamlined design means that no additional equipment is required at the headend. The QRF5000MFX also has a simple graphical interface and is lightweight for further ease of use. For flexibility, the QRF5000MFX comes as either a modular single or modular dual program encoder with laser output and optional SFP GigE output.
Low Power Consumption
Because of the QRF5000MFX’s streamlined design and advanced efficiency, it consumes less power than other encoders, saving you time and money.
24/7 Support
At Radiant Communications Corporation, we are dedicated to high-quality, continuous customer support. We develop long-term solutions to your telecommunication needs so that we can enjoy a lifelong customer service relationship with you. Our products are designed to adapt to this rapidly shifting, dynamic industry, which is why the QRF5000MFX comes with continuous quality and features upgrades that allow you to stay ahead of the curve. We also offer 24-hour customer support and a 24/7 RMA process, because your success is our priority.

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