4 Advantages of Using Multi-Channel Encoding

In the world of telecommunications, new and upgraded technology is constantly changing and increasing the possibilities for more efficient systems.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, it is vital for individuals and business owners alike to implement new systems as previous technologies become outdated. As one of the most trusted sources to buy HD video encoders online, Radiant Communications Corporation knows this as well as anyone. With that in mind, we are highlighting the VL4500 Series of HD/SD MPEG-2 and AVC encoders, which are designed to provide a high level of efficiency to those using old or outdated systems.


These encoders offers users a wide range of benefits, most notably:


Improved Quality

When you replace your legacy analog transmitters with a unit such as the VL4500 MPEG-2 and AVC encoder, you’ll notice the difference in quality almost immediately. The system is designed to streamline transmission and offer audio and video which is crisp, clear, and consistent. Whether you require HD or SD picture quality, the VL4500 Series of encoders can fulfill your needs with drastically increased efficiency from its predecessors.


Compact Space

While the advancement of technology expands, hardware typically becomes more compact. This is exactly the case with our VL4500 Series of products, which can significantly reduce the amount of space needed to house your hardware. In the case of our MPEG-2 and AVC multi-system operator, the fiber receiver, encoder, and groomer are removed from the headend, saving a significant amount of rack space and leaving you with more capabilities, but less physical equipment.


Cost Efficient

As a result of using less physical hardware, the VL4500 Series of encoders can benefit users by saving them money. This is due to the reduction in power consumption and heat dissipation that results from fewer moving parts. With less power being used to keep your system running, you can drive down energy costs while enjoying the improved audio and video quality of these encoders.


Immediate Integration of Features

One of the primary concerns when users make the switch to an upgraded system is whether or not their existing features or add-ons will be compatible. Thankfully, with the VL4500 Series, this is not a concern. The encoder allows for smooth integration of a long list of existing features, including: closed caption support, logo overlay, picture in picture mode, EAS Static image insertion, VLAN support, and AFD — just to name a few.

With more than three decades of experience, we can provide a range of communication solutions to help increase the quality and efficiency of even the most complicated streaming systems. To learn more about multi-system operators or to buy h.264 encoders online, contact us today.