HD Video Encoders Will Enhance the Functionality of Security Systems

HD video encoders allow for the accurate transmission of video content for commercial security systems. Impressively, analog video cameras and analog monitors are can be integrated with a network video system through the implementation of these devices. Individuals should explore the product selection offered by reputable companies, such as Radiant Communications Corporation, that strive to design and manufacture only the best communication products to transport data, video and audio over high-speed internet, Ethernet and fiber optic cables. Listed below, are a number of reasons as to why HD video encoders will help to improve the functionality of your company’s security system:

• Experience the advantages of network video without having to getting rid of your existing analog equipment, including CCTV cameras and coaxial cabling.

• By connecting to an analog video camera through a coaxial cable and converting analog video signals into streams of digital video, both wired or wireless IP-based networks are able to receive those streams thanks to video encoders.

• To record and/or view the digital video, PCs and computer monitors can be used in place of DVRs, VCRs and analog monitors.

• HD video encoders enable the accessibility and control of a wide variety of analog video cameras over an IP network, including fixed, indoor/outdoor, dome, pan/tilt/zoom, highly sensitive thermal cameras and microscopic cameras.

• These high-quality devices will prove to be incredibly dependable for systems that require demanding tasks in regards to encoding.

• Image quality, compression, format, resolution and frame rate are all industry grade and of exceptional value.

• Wide operational temperature range, compact design and built with lightweight materials.

• In comparison to analog video systems, the capabilities of HD video encoders consist of event management and intelligent video functionalities.

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