VividEdge ELLVIS9000
Media Gateway


  • Broadcast delivery over public Internet
  • Low latency
  • Error recovery
  • Protocol Conversion
  • Protection from packet loss, bandwidth fluctuations, jitter and delay
  • End-to-end AES encryption
  • Intuitive GUI

VividCore ELLVIS9000 is an integrated protocol conversion Media Transport Appliance. UDP/SRT streams can be converted or replicated to UDP/SRT/DASH/HLS or RTMP.

When used with VividEdge SRT ready Encoders the system allows delivery of multiple streams of high-quality secure, and low-latency video across the public Internet.

This innovative solution enables MPEG2 and h.264 broad cast quality streams to be transported from any venue despite unreliable Internet connections. It eliminates the need for Satellite/Microwave/Leased Line connections, providing high quality cost effective transport for PEG and
broadcast feeds.




UDP/SRT Protocol, UDP, Multicast


ISO/IEC 13818 MPEG TS, 1000BaseT

UDP/SRT Protocol, UDP, Multicast, DASH, HLS and RTMP1

Optional AnnexB QAM 64/256, 55dBmV, 54—1000MHz

Optional DVB ASI Input, Max 54Mbs

Device Control and Management

1000BaseT Ethernet Interface

Web GUI, SSH, JSON statics, SNMP1, REST API1


20 to 8000ms

Environmental and Power

Power 35W@ 90 to 240VAC (Internal Power)
Weight 5lb
Operational Temp 0° to 50° C
Storage Temp -10° to 60° C
Dimensions 1RU 17.0″ W x 9.0”D x 1.75″ H

Ordering Information

ELLVIS9000H-1 Single Stream, Max 38Mbs Stream rate, 1RU
ELLVIS9000H-1Q Single Stream, Max 38Mbs Stream rate, QAM Output, 1RU
ELLVIS9000H-1ASI Single Stream, Max 54Mbs Stream rate, ASI Input, 1RU
ELLVIS9000H-20 20 Stream Gateway, Max 240Mbs Stream rate , 1RU
ELLVIS9000H-40 40 Stream Gateway, Max 480Mbs Stream rate, 1RU
ELLVIS9000HP-10 10 Stream Gateway, Max 120Mbs Stream rate , DASH/HLS and RTMP1 Outputs, 1RU
ELLVIS9000HP-20 20 Stream Gateway, Max 120Mbs Stream rate , DASH/HLS and RTMP<sup>1</sup> Outputs, 1RU