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Video Gateway Monitoring & Management

Streaming Media Gateways

Radiant’s new ELLVIS-9000 and RM-9000 are Streaming Media Gateways that complete a Next-Gen Total Solution for Video Streams from various Radiant VividEdge HD Encoders.  These Gateways capture incoming video streams and can Manage, Record, Transcode, move across different media (fiber, copper, internet) before Repackaging the stream for outgoing traffic.

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Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) Monitoring

All CATV and Broadcasters are required by the FCC to monitor and record EAS streams for proof of compliance, which until now was a manned, manual procedure.  Radiant has developed an “EAS” Software Module for its RM1100 HD Remote Monitoring Encoders that detects incoming SCTE18 signals, and turns on the recording feature in the encoder to capture the SCTE18 test stream.  The Download File feature allows the file to be sent out for Proof of Compliance.

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Ad Sales Module for Capture and Compliance and Advanced Video Tools

CATV and Broadcasters are required are required by their paying AD insertion customers to record those Ads for proof of their airplay. Radiant’s new AD Sales Software Module, which runs on the RM1100 HD Encoders can schedule the recording ahead of time, or by detecting the SCTE35 signal which turns on the Recording feature for capture.  Again, this file can be downloaded for Proof of Compliance to their customers.

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