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OPTICAL SD QAM Local Video Insertion

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QRF5000 Series

Local Video Insertion


Radiant QRF5000 Series local video insertion  products leverages advanced engineering and intelligent, user-friendly design to rapidly and cost-effectively  deploy all-digital lineups to low-cost digital set-tops. Affordable for HFC, Fiber Deep N+0, RFoG, Hybrid PON and PON deployments of all sizes, the QRF5000 series of video insertion products are ideal for MDUs,  hotels,  hospitals, gated communities, casinos, and  retirement centers.

QRF-5000 Video Encoder – a plug-and-play device that encodes local baseband video and audio channels to MPEG2 video and multiplexes them with a built-in QAM modulator and a broadcast agile RF up converter for distribution into existing cable network.

With digital services increasingly being used to deliver video to the home, operators are focused on enhancing the subscriber’s viewing experience by increasing the variety of services they offer and improving quality, while still maintaining a cost-efficient and easy-to-manage infrastructure.

Product Highlights

  • QBA and MPEG2 Compliant
  • Flexible Channel Selection Capability
  • Broadcast Quality MPEG2 Encoder
  • Dolby Digital 2.0 Audio
  • ITU Analog Laser Output
  • 40km SBS suppression
  • DFC GigE Output
  • QAM Output
  • Low Power Consumption
  • User Friendly Graphical Interface
  • Single or Multiple node insertion
  • Continuous quality and feature upgrades via firmware releases without service plans
  • 24/7 Support and 24 Hour RMA Process


Single Node QAM over fiber insertion for Fiber Deep, RFoG and FTTx

The QRF5000 for optical video insertion in N+0, PON with overlay and RFoG networks is a cost effective solution to insert locally generated MDU content as MPEG-2 SD QAM RFoG streams.



From 1.5 to 15M MPEG2 Encoder

Resolutions: 720, 704, 528, 480 and 352×480

Video Input: CVBS or S-Video

Audio Input: 10k Unbalanced RCA, 600 Balanced

Audio Codec: Dolby Digital AC3 2.0 , 128 – 384kbps

Management Interface:

Out of Band Management via GUI and HTTP


Power 40W@90 to 240VAC (DC Power Brick), fully loaded

Operating Temperature 0° to 50° C

Storage Temperature -10° to 60° C

Dimensions and Weight:

8.5″ W x 6.65” D x 2.75″ H, 3lbs

QAM Modulator:

QAM 64 or 256 per ITU-J.83 Annex B

RF Output Accuracy +/- 2 dB +/- 5000 Hz

RF Output Stability +/-1 dB relative to RF Output level RF

Output Return Loss >14 dB 88 – 750 MHz, >13 dB 750 – 870 MHz

Frequency Range – Agile – 54MHz to 1GHz

In-Channel Spurious and Noise >41 dBc Equalized MER

Optical Output:

Wavelength: 1310nm, 1550nm, CWDM 1270-1610nm, DWDM ITU from ch18 to ch.54

Output Power: 7dBm

Frequency Range : 47MHz to 1GHz

OMI 11%

GigE Output:

MPEG-TS MPTS output over standard GigE SFP port



1 Insertion into the output of a single node via RF QAM, for multi node insertion use analog laser output option unit


1RU, QAM and GigE Output Edge Video Encoder
Modular, QAM and GigE Output Edge Video Encoder
1RU, Analog ITU Laser Output Edge Video Encoder
Modular, Analog ITU Laser Output Edge Video Encoder
1RU, GigE SFP and Analog ITU Laser Output Edge Video Encoder
Modular, GigE SFP and Analog ITU Laser Output Edge Video Encoder




Replace (Y) in the part number for number of Channels/Encoders, Up to 2 for QRF5000M Series and up to 4 for QRF5000 Series.

Replace (Z) in the part number with desired wavelength or ITU channel for the analog laser



MPEG2 Video Encoder Card, CVBS, S-VIDEO, 10k RCA Audio
MPEG2 Video Encoder Card, CVBS, S-VIDEO, 600 Ohm Audio


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