MDU in-house Channel for Property Owners

The New Vivid Way With the evolution of cable and Internet access networks, a new effortless way is needed to present local content to community residents. The new methods will allow managed properties, such as nursing homes, or managed gated communities to continue to offer local programming and informational channel services to their residents using […]

What’s New in Remote Video Monitoring for CATV MSOs and Broadcasters

Back around the year 2000, Radiant Communications created a solution to monitor video remotely for the CATV and broadcast industries. This solution allowed remote video monitoring of more unmanned locations and saved “Truck Rolls” by being able to perform basic video content audits of unmanned hubs and headends through remote control over an IP network. […]

Why An Effective Communications Network is Essential for Schools

In a world reliant on technology to fill even our most basic needs, from the food we eat to our transportation systems to the way we communicate, it’s easy for individual people to feel isolated and lose their sense of community.  In an educational environment such as a high school or university, isolation is the […]

Municipal Fiber Networks don’t have to be complete to serve all applications.  ELLVIS is here!

What is ELLVIS and How is it Shaking Up The Transport of HD Video Online? At Radiant Communications Corporation, a leading provider of PEG (Public Education and Government) Encoding solutions, we strive to keep developing innovative technologies to help streamline municipal operations by improving communication. One of those exciting new technologies is ELLVIS (Encrypted, Low-Latency, […]

Understanding Video Resolution: Standard Definition (SD) vs. High Definition (HD)

In this modern, digitized day and age, telecommunication customers have grown accustomed to expecting the highest levels of clarity when it comes to the picture of their television programs. To keep up with these viewer demands, broadcasters and digital media providers have to continually evolve their company’s video streaming software capabilities in order to keep […]

Who Doesn’t Love a Nice Rack?

As one of the industry’s most trusted sources to find cutting-edge GPON FTTH solutions for sale online, Radiant Communications Corporation would appreciate it if you took a moment to admire a few of our racks.  Our Rack Mount Patch Panels, that is. 

The Benefits of GPON FTTx Insertion Solutions

As the most trusted source to buy FTTx solutions online, Radiant Communications Corporation offers innovative media converters to help streamline one’s fiber optic network in terms of transmitting high-quality, low-latency audio/visual content in a more environmentally friendly, cost-efficient manner.

Enhance Your Broadcast Quality With Radiant Communications Corporation

In today’s day and age, local broadcast companies need every advantage they can get to provide their customers content that is more clear and faster than ever before. Whether your media is being broadcast to television sets or computer screens via livestream, it’s crucial to your communications operation to have reliable, cutting-edge equipment to enhance […]