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The Benefits of GPON FTTx Insertion Solutions

As the most trusted source to buy FTTx solutions online, Radiant Communications Corporation offers innovative media converters to help streamline one’s fiber optic network in terms of transmitting high-quality, low-latency audio/visual content in a more environmentally friendly, cost-efficient manner.

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Which FTTX Network Is Right For You?

Fiber to the x, or FTTX, is a general term for a fiber optic network structure that refers to the “last mile” in telecommunications. To look at it another way, let’s suppose that you own a hotel. If a retail service provider is a tree, then the trunk […]

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FTTX Fiber to the Home

When you buy a patch panel from Radiant Communications Corporation, you are guaranteed a high-quality, safe product. All of our fiber patch panels are housed in heavy duty, lockable metal cabinets with multi-step paint processing to ensure the protection of your communications system from external damage. Our fiber […]

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Radiant QRF-5000-MFX: PON/RFoG Encoding Solution

In recent years, the telecommunications industry has been revolutionized through the versatile applications of fiber optic technology which have streamlined digital communications across the country. What this spells for local providers and businesses is the need to adapt to the audio and visual requirements of consumers. No matter […]

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OPTICAL SD QAM Local Video Insertion

Print PDF Version QRF5000 Series Local Video Insertion   Radiant QRF5000 Series local video insertion  products leverages advanced engineering and intelligent, user-friendly design to rapidly and cost-effectively  deploy all-digital lineups to low-cost digital set-tops. Affordable for HFC, Fiber Deep N+0, RFoG, Hybrid PON and PON deployments of all […]

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Looking Back: The History of Fiber Optics

Today, telecommunication relies almost entirely on fiber optic cables. Without this technology, there would be no need for HD video encoders. But the use of these cables is a relatively recent development. Today, we look back on the beginnings of fiber optics and trace them all the way […]

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PON Insertion Solutions A Passive Optical Network, or PON, is the insertion of telecommunications via fiber optic connections for both residential and commercial consumers. RFoG Insertion Radio Frequency over Glass (RFoG) technology is a deep-fiber network design which provides the effective transfer of media to consumers, eliminating the […]

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